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BCO1148 Programming Business Apps

Published : 05-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Converting the pseudocode and program design specs to a Javascript Application Testing and documenting tests.


JavaScript is a kind of programming language that is mainly used in web pages. There are various options to modify the webpage based on the user’s preference, where to meet the requirement html and CSS can be used. JavaScript is not a server side programming language and it is not related to java. It has the name called Livewire. It is a client side programming language. JavaScript is easy and is quite fast to the use. Its functionalities for the webpages are good when compared with the other programming languages. In the project, a group of three friends studying in Victoria University bought a women clothing store in Westfield of Bondi Junction. Earlier, this store run in loss. Being the owners of the store, the name of the store was changed to ASA Fancy Women Clothing Store. The store offered lots of discounts to its customers. The new scheme of discounts demanded a new application, which can have all the details of the customers and their purchase is entered in to the application, where the  program will give output with GST, Discount %, Discount Amount and Total Purchase.  

The objective of this report is to design a new scheme application. The project will be implemented using JavaScript, where the discount amount stored in the database will automatically generate the calculated value. For the creation of webpage HTML, CSS will be used. With the help of JavaScript, HTML, CSS the new scheme will be created.  The webpage will provide GST, DISCOUNT %, DISCOUNT AMOUNT and TOTAL PURCHASE as output.

First, open the html tag, then the head tag is used to display the head. Next, open the body tag inside the style tag. The style tag is used to display the background image such as back.jpg for the html program. By using JavaScript code, the style tag is closed ("How to Add an Image to Your HTML5 Web Page - dummies", 2017). 

Second, open the center tag, which is used to display the output in center position. Then use h1 tag for the store name called Fancy Women Clothing Store. The image tag displays the image such as download.jpg given by the user as well as user enters specific width 

Further, open the table tag. The table tag contain “tr” tag and “td” tag. The “tr” tag describes row the in the given html table. The td tag defines the cell in table. The user creates one registration form and it contains the post method and action type. The action type defined, is the type of the program that is executed. The table tag is contained with four labels and four text field and one button. The text field is used to enter the first name, last name, to enter the address and amount of the product purchased. Every text field contains “td” tag.The font tag is used to design the text. The div tag creates division in the html program. The submit button is used to store the elements. Then close the form tag, tr tag, td tag and the table tag.

The function named calculate is used and initially price and discount, after discount is initialized as 0. After calculating the price value, it is stored in the price. Later, discount is calculated accordingly. Next, formula is used for the calculation and it is then fixed ("simple JS discount calculator", 2017).

The indexed DB is used for the HTML’s database, which helps in storing the data. It is useful for the applications to store the data ("HTML5 IndexedDB", 2017). Large amount of data is stored in the client-side as it is a client side programming. Indexed DB is much more responsive than the other databases. It has no connection with the relational DB ("Using IndexedDB", 2017). It is object oriented language so that it uses the objects to store. Thus, each object stores more number of indexes accordingly. It helps in querying and gives effective results. This project contains the coding part of the indexed DB using JavaScript language, which helps in storing the purchasing details of the customer and stores the amount of the product purchased (storage?, 2017). This automatically calculates the discount amount with the actual price of the product. With the help of the discount price, the discount percentage will be calculated accordingly. Further, it finally generates the customer's total cost that must be paid to the store for the customer’s purchase ("How to Use IndexedDB – Code and Example", 2017).The variable name indexedDB is used for transaction using IDBTransaction (people, 2017). 

The variable name request is used to get the data from the user. Then, the requests the result which is then stored in the db. The error of the indexed DB is consoled and the target is added to it ("JavaScript form validation - java point", 2017).By using the keywords getElementById, the elements from the database process are retrieved ("JavaScript: A sample registration form validation - w3resource", 2017).


The project is completed by using JavaScript. Totally, two web pages are created, one to collect the details from the customer and the other to automatically generate the details of the customer. Moreover, it also displays the discount value and calculates the discount percentage. The discount values are generated automatically using the code of JavaScript and the indexed DB is used for the purpose of data storage for purchasing the amount of the product by the customers. From the indexed DB, it is then retrieved by the web page which asks the customer’s personal details and calculates the discount amount and the discount percentage accordingly. Finally, it displays the total amount which the customer is required to pay. Therefore, a design for the new scheme application is designed. For the creation of webpage HTML, CSS also used. With the help of JavaScript, HTML, CSS the new scheme is created. The webpage provides GST, Discount %, Discount Amount and Total Purchase as output.


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