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49002 Managing Projects

Published : 04-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Definition of Project Integration Management How does this apply to my work in this course Definition of Project Stakeholder Management How does this apply to my work in this course Definition of Project Scope Management Definition of Project Time Management.


I belong to Southern part of India where I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from R.M.K Engineering College, Tamil Nadu (India). Now I am pursuing my masters from the prestigious University of technology Sydney.

I decided to choose the dual degree course (Master of Engineering Master of Engineering Management Manufacturing Engineering) because my course covers both management and technical aspects of manufacturing engineering so that I can gain both managerial and technical skills and have good career opportunities.

I have gained some professional experience in India for around one year, when I worked for some hospitality projects at charitable trust. I have handled many rural area development projects of creating awareness among the public people. It was a part time job; I never worked for full time in any industry as a project management professional yet.

- photo so that we recognise you?]

I am very much interested in learning the project management topic, as it is very much challenging and interesting too. In project management no single day is common, every day we can face a new challenge. So I am willing to learn the tools and techniques which are the real skills of the project managers to tackle such complex issues. I am willing to be capable enough to become a professional in project management and benefit many upcoming projects by completing them with in the triple constraints of project including quality (Miller, 2017).

 Definition of Project Integration Management

Integration management is the first knowledge area of PMBoK, it integrates all the processes of the project management. It collects all the processes from the start of project to end to ensure the overall integrity of the project at the very beginning stage (Project Management Institute, 2013).

How does this apply to my work in this course? 

Initiation: Initial thinking about the course, why should I do the course, benefits of doing the course, aim for doing the course, and final expected outcome from the course (Public Services and Procurement Canada, 2017).

Planning: Plan the documents required to enrol for the course, budget planning for doing the course, time planning for doing the course, planning for communicating among my friends and family, identification of various stakeholders of the course, who should do what for the enrolment is planned, plan for some kind of risk which can delay my course and more expenditure.

Implementing: enrolling for the course

Monitoring & Controlling: then plan for how to check my progress report in between the course, how to check my financial status in between to manage in crisis, how to monitor the status of the risks identified

Closing: finally after completion of the course how to measure the success, how to professionally close the course and document some lessons learnt for being used by my younger brother for completing his future studies.

Definition of Project Stakeholder Management

This stage includes the processes involved to identify the people, organisation or group who can impact the project or get impacted by the project (Jose, 2016).Identify Stakeholders: need to identify all the stakeholders like my parents, siblings, friends, university, professor, country, course mates

Plan Stakeholder Management: shall plan for the effective engagement with all identified stakeholders

Manage Stakeholder Engagement: shall plan for the management by how frequent need to meet or call them so that all of them remain satisfied.

Control Stakeholder Engagement: need to follow the plan documents and keep on reviewing and revising it to suit the current condition after getting proper approval from the respective stakeholder..Project scope is the work or deliverables required to get desired result is called scope and its management processes are called the project scope management.

It involves many sub headings (PreparePM, 2017):

Plan Scope Management: plan all the activities required to complete my course

Collect Requirements: collect all the required steps of submitting assignments, give exams etc.

Define Scope: attend all lectures, attend the tutorials, submit the work with all topics,

Create WBS:

Validate Scope: keep a track on the scope so that they should not increase anywhere to ensure proper study of my course

Control Scope: plan for any unforseen situation for which I may need to make necessary changes in the scope , so at that point of time how can I make and get approval from parents and university need to be developed now.It is the knowledge area as per which the resources are recruited and managed to deliver their best result Identify resources: need to identify the people, facilities, equipment, materials, infrastructure and tools, textbook, access library, computer, printer etc.

Acquire Resources: plan for how to contact them and engage with them or make them engaged Develop team: plan on how to engage them and increase the partnership to help in doing my course.It includes the process which concentrates manly to complete the project on time (ICT Project Management , 2017).

Activity Definition: define all the activities required to pass my course are like enrol, get admission, check the course schedule, and plan each activity.

Activity Sequencing: one the activity listing is done, and then provide relationship between them

Activity Resource Estimating: calculate the resource required to complete ach activity, like to pas one term, need to deliver tutorials (for which library access) is required, to give exam (books are required)

Activity Duration Estimating: so with available resources need to plan the duration required to complete the task

Schedule Development: on the basis of above developed activities, schedule is developed to calculate the late date of completion of my course.

Schedule Control: in between the course, I need to always revisit the schedule to check whether I am proceeding properly if rescheduling is required.Project cost management refers to the processes required to plan, estimate, and budget and control the cost so that the project can be managed properly (Association of Modern Technologies Professionals , 2017).Estimate Costs: plan the cost heads, then estimate under each head;

Determine Budget: once the heads with the estimated cost is finalised, after adding some cushion for the unknown risks the budget for the course can be obtained.Control Cost: control the cost in between the process to have a check on the total budget and check for any overrun.

The project risk management process involves the activities or the item which can impact the triple constraints of the project (Dittmer, 2013). So it is the uncertain event which may affect the project n positive or negative manner, called risks. So it is the uncertain event which may affect the project n positive or negative manner, called risks (Duncan, 1993).

Plan Risk Management: plan to manage the completion of my course in case of any unforeseen situation too Identify Risks: identify few risks, like if I get fails, if I cannot pay on time, if I cannot submit assignments on time and so on

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis: the put the high or low priority to each risk

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis:  then assign rating between 1 to 5 depending on the probability of happening and impact on my course

Plan Risk Responses: then need to rank the risks on the basis of above analysis and plan for their mitigation.

Monitor and Control Risks: now is the monitoring phase, when I need to always keep an eye on the register and keep visiting every week to add risk if found later,

This knowledge area defines about the actions required to be performed so that the project objectives can be met (Jamil, 2013).Plan Quality: plan the activity need to perform so that at least acquired 80% of marks and get distinctions

Perform Quality Assurance: need to plan the ways I can assure the target of 80% marks Perform Quality Control: also plan the way to catch-up the 80% target in case if any backlogThis section of PMBoK defines the processes involved to buy or acquire some equipment or item required to complete the course.

Plan Procurements: plan the procedure to buy laptops, books, other items

Conduct Procurements: buy laptop, books as per plan

Administer Procurements: after buying the maintenance period or the warranty period need to be checked and in case of nay defect it should be corrected with in the period.

Close Procurements: once my course is complete then either sells the computer or brig it with myself and document the lessons learnt.This process identifies the way the communication can be maintained in a healthy way with all the above identified stakeholders.Identify Stakeholders: as the people, agency, university, professors and all are identified in the stakeholder point.

Plan Communications: according to the identified stakeholders, the planning need to be developed like how to meet course mate, how to manage professor, how to manage parents; hoe to communicate with them at what frequency and so on.

Distribute Information: once the process is fixed I need to inform all regarding my plan so that all remain on the same boat. No miss communication happens.

Manage Stakeholders Expectations: as per the planned communication matrix, the stakeholders need to be managed, need to check periodically whether I am meeting the plan, if not some changes may be required to be made

Report Performance: then the performance need to need to be developed for monitoring the effectiveness and observe that whether the relation between me and my course mated are healthy or with my professor, am I able to meet their expectations or not.


Thank you all for reading this report. I am going to pass this course and do well – to do this, I am going to use all the above discussed project management techniques. I will use these techniques to first mange my own course to get a live exposure of the techniques being referred in PMBoK. I shall first complete all the process areas listed in initiation and planning for now, and then will move in execution and monitoring and shall update the schedule an cost estimates accordingly.


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