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401007 Approches to Professional Nursing Practice

Published : 22-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Discuss the discipline of nursing and the context of professional practice Describe the roles and functions of the nurse Discuss the professional, media and public image of nursing Discuss the expected competency standards and boundaries of practice for the registered nurse, enrolled nurse and assistant (unregulated) nurse Differentiate between the legal and ethical responsibilities of the nurse Explain the relationship of nursing and collaborative health care 7 Discuss how nurses engage in transformational nursing practice. 


As an advocate for honesty, I am needed to be loyal in every operation I undertake. Regarding the same, I am also rational, logical and persuasive. From the logical aspect, I am a hard worker and also relentless in a way that is positive in as much as I am a mastermind of strategies and ideas (CMOE, 2017). Whenever situations of decision making occur, I happen to be also reliable since I can use linear and nonlinear approaches to base my arguments on. I am, therefore, more mindful of ensuring that I produce food of high quality as well as ensure that customer services that I provide are excellent (CMOE, 2017).

I also have the ability to make sound judgments; I am level-headed, process-oriented and also practice neutrality. Regarding the same, I have the passion of gaining more experience via learning new things (Flite & Harman, 2013).

Creative builders are always needed to be visionary. Since I regard myself as a creative builder, I strive to be visionary, happy and also self-driven in my working environment. To ensure that I make the innovative processes real, I am able to work under pressure in whatever situation. Work pressures happen to energize me with ideas that are new (Flite & Harman, 2013).

Every individual who is an experienced guide happens to be a good listener. I, therefore, always strive to put myself in the situation of others. I have excellent communication skills which enable me get to the bottom of operational information in as many topics as possible.

Duties: Some of the duties performed include provision of timely and quality foods for guests, ensure that safety procedures are followed, have food stocked and rotated, handle equipment, appliances, small wares, supplies, and tools; perform opening procedures, organize and get prepared for shifts, performing operational procedures, performing ongoing daily duties, managing and processing food tickets, ensure proper communication channels are used between other workers and co- managers, performing additional tasks requested by the manager and performing closing procedures.

Continuous Professional Development

I am currently undergoing a short course on Hospitality Management. Being a student, I understand that several Australian companies in the market are likely to favor individuals like me who have hotel, tour agencies, restaurants and airlines management knowledge. I also attend workshops at my current location of work to gain the access necessary experience to be a in an upper-level position within business management (Hoeffer & Murphy, 2010).

In a span of ten years, I would like to envision myself as a SEO of some renown business firm. I have total conviction that I have an outstanding resource record that would enable me boost any given company’s level of productivity. My current studies require me to have a good grasp of financial records of a restaurant. As an hotelier, I am, therefore, needed to meet the financial goals of the organization that I work for (Shenoy, 2017). Every data or piece of information that I give within my area of work, need to be truthful, up to date and accurate. Such is due to the fact that the more complicated such financial data is, the more hectic the economic analysis phase. The workshops mainly train on understanding tax liabilities, cash flow and profitability. Every bit of information gained pertaining to finance would help me do personal tax returns.

Critical Reflection

On the basis of the social front, it is the amount of flexibility of my current job that has posed a lot of challenges. I have to carry on with work for several hours before even thinking of being with my family. However, I occasionally get chances to be with my family particularly when my shifts are up. In such a case, having to maintain such a flexible work regime should be the top priority. It is upon me to; therefore, create a good rapport between me, my friends and my family. It kind of prepares me to be able to face a situation of starting up my own family with such kind of a job still by my side; as soon as my academic cycles are over. I am molding myself into being able to sustain my job and my family concurrently. If I have to get a new job, in any case, I would go for one that would enable me to tour to different places as much as possible and still strive to be a good parent; one who is able to raise children in a manner that is holistic (Putkonen & Kuivalainen, 2013).

Learning hospitality management has instilled core values of serving others. It is also the good feeling and strong attachment associated with provision of whatever customers require that makes my work very special and of sentimental value. Every bit of time requires me to be tuned to expectations and needs of customers no matter the work environment. Considering the burden of service delivery that I have; I, therefore, deliver services far beyond the requirements and assumptions of customers (tamang, 2013).


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