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Published : 18-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Describe the research, critical thinking, business evaluation and entrepreneurial skills. While researching the case study, students are encouraged to explore and learn about different business models, including the type of business models that are most associated with success and high levels of profitability. By learning about a number of businesses and their business models, including their competitive environment, and writing a deep case description of a particular innovative business venture, students will not only learn how to identify the most important aspects of a successful business model.

How to effectively explain winning business models to others Although this is an individual assignment, students should feel free to work with others taking this unit. For instance,students may want to collaborate with others when making a video. This allows students to learn much more potentially about practical video production than they would have done if making the video themselves.However, it should be noted that the assignment work submitted should be wholly the student's own work. 


India is far advanced when it comes to the technological advancement. Not only in case of the garments but also in case of online shopping the technology has moved too fast. In this report, the case study analysis of an online grocery shopping organization has been chosen. Grofers is  selected as the organization that has newly opened as the online grocery store and is running their business all over India.

Grofers is an online grocery delivery system in India that has its headquarters in Gurugram. The company was founded in December 2013 and has almost 700 employees working. The organization rose to 165.5 million in 2016 from different investors that included the Softbank and the Sequoia Capital. However, that year it affected its workforce by deducing it to almost ten percent and making their operations available to 17 cities from the 26 cities.

The name Grofers means the portmanteau of the grocery gophers. This system can be used by downloading its authorized application in the mobile and then to order the different groceries from the application itself by either making the payment online or cash on delivery. The employees then secure the required quantity product from the different local stores and then deliver it to the doors of the respective customers. The organization is privately owned and the industry is the internet based and serves only via internet access. The website of the organization is and at this present state is of huge demand in the market. The size of the business is medium based and the customer segment lies normally from the mid aged working people who do not have the time to out for shopping and mostly the old ones who cannot go out for shopping.

The demand section of Grofers can be considered high and it delivers almost in every part of the India and faces a tough competition with the newly launched online stores like the Bigbasket and many more. Even in some of the big national organizations like the Spencers and the big bazaar that has both the store outlets and has the online sectors. In short, a tough competition is faced by the Grofers in order to sustain in the market. The proud founders of the Grofers group are Albinder Dhindsa and Saurabh Kumar. Albinder Dhindsa has done its MBA education from the Columbia University in the year 2010-2012 and B.Tec from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. Grofers is a logistics and supply chain and has connections of over 500+. Saurabh Kumar is also from Gurgaon, Haryana and hails the position of the CEO.

Business model

The Grofers India is a mobile e commerce platform that helps enriching the shopping experience of the people. The Grofers has also made itself available to the customers by setting up the local stores for their convenience. The application has become so handy that it has become a one-stop shop for delivering the required article at ones doorstep (Nilekani & Shah, 2016). Almost thousands of people joined this application and used the discounts that it provided only to the first few customers. A wide range of the different groceries and even the variety of cosmetics, bakery, electronics, flowers and much more are available on this online store. The best deals of this application can easily be available on the different cities of India like Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Noida, Indore, Nagpur, Ludhiana, Vadodara, Ahmedabad and many other cities even (Tyagi et al., 2016). The daily necessity products and even some organic products can easily be available on this store and that delivers superfast to ones doorstep within an hour or so.

The business model that is followed by the Grofers depends mainly on the two basic revenue earning streams that includes the Commission Revenue model and the advertisements. These two are necessary in order to maintain the supply chain management. In the Commission model, it can be seen that the Grofers has tied up with the different merchants (TANDON, 2016). The revenue earned from this application is generally through the merchants. Hence, the later charge a small percentage for every sale that they have generated from it. The delivery is often free until a certain amount but is charged extra after a certain amount. The merchants of this application often has the power to access consumers by 8% on certain orders that ranges between 500-700 and often charges a rate of 12-15%. The advertisements that are displayed are often thee source of the revenue earning for the company (Guhathakurta, 2015).



The application of the Grofers is quite powerful and the investors include the Softbank, Sequoia Capital and the Tiger global. The application has a real time tracking system that is one of the greatest strength unlike the other applications. The chain system is quite powerful in comparison to the others. The strategies of the marketing are quite good and within a short span of time, the products are delivered to the doors of the customers. The delivery system is quite effective, provides local work, and hence fastens the delivery. As it is local, the count of the deliveries per delivery boy is quite high.


At present only two weaknesses can be figured out: one is the non-purchase on their Grofers website. The users of the Windows cannot use this application. (Joshi,Dixit & Sinha, 2017) There are some bad reviews as well on the late delivery of the products and some have even launched a complaint against it.


One of the greatest opportunity is to start a business on the retail based. Gandhinagar is a small city and recently it has opened an office there that will help in their profits. Grofers is a branded organization now hence has availed much collaboration (Chhabra & Sahu, 2016).


The biggest threats are some of the upcoming and the newly launched markets that incl                                                                                               ude,, and various other online application stores. The super markets and the different local stores cannot be denied that provides certain amount of discounts to the customers.



The politicalgrounds of the Grofers is quite weak than that of the other Government owned online stores. Hence, it is necessary for the organization to take help from the different political sources in order to flourish in their business markets. (JHA et al., 2015)


In terms of the economic, the organization is backed up by the different sources of the financial stable companies. The revenue earned from the different commercial, the advertising factors have been the source for the stable economic flow in the organization, and for it, the Company prospers (Goel, 2015)..


Grofers is highly active in the case of the social background as it is a social application even. The application not less than 10000 download and is slowly competing in the world of the technological advancement.


There are some bugs in the Grofers application and needs to be updated in order to keep in touch with time. The bugs are being removed by the new updates that have been available in the internet and will removed with tine (Ajwani-Ramchandani, 2017).


From the above analysis, it can be clearly visible that the Grofers is an e commerce marketplace for ones daily need. The application can be easily downloaded anywhere and at anytime from the internet on ones mobile phone and at one touch the items can reach the customer’s doorsteps. The benefits that can be summed is that there is no effort put in by the customers they can enjoy at their home while the Company does all the efforts required. The background of the founders have also been mentioned and their contribution to the organization as well. The SWOT and the PEST analysis have been vividly analyzed in order to understand the Grofers organization in wide details.


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