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ITECH7402 Professional IT Culture

Published : 30-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


Prepare a business report of about 1500 words that gives an ethical analysis of the issues raised in the case study. In particular (at least), include in the report responses to the following sub-tasks:
Provide a defence, on ethical grounds, for the decision to bid for the contract with a figure below the estimated costs;
Identify the potential consequences to the project client of accepting this aggressive bid
Who else suffers or is at risk of suffering as a result of this aggressive bid being accepted
What duties is the project manager aware of, 3 days before project delivery is due
What duties is the test engineer aware of, 3 days before project delivery is due.


ACS code of ethics are considered as important part of constitution of ACS, and as an member of ACS it is necessary that person uphold and advance the honor, dignity, and effectiveness of being IT professional. Additionally, such individual must be a good person and acting within the law and be following the values of society (ACS,n.d.).

This paper discuss theories of ethical philosophy related to the IT culture of the organization, and it also discuss the code of ethics of ACS and how individual must behave while working as the IT professional. Lastly, paper is concluded with brief conclusion.

Defense in context of decision to bid:

Occidental Engineering entered into project for the purpose of building the prototype of the next generation air traffic control system with the U.S. Federal Aviation Agency. This agency invites bid for this particular project, and Occidental Engineering bid very less amount for the original contract. In fact they bid than it would take to do the work properly. Company bid such lesser amount for the purpose of beat their customers.

This action of company is considered as professional wrong, but from ethical perspective this action is considered as correct action.

As stated by consequentialism theory of ethics, right moral conduct of any action is only determined by a cost-benefit analysis of an action's consequences. In other words, action is considered as morally right, if the consequences of that action are more favorable than unfavorable. Normative principles of Consequentialist theory states that person must compare the good and bad consequences of an action, and then determine whether good consequences are more as compared to bad consequences. In case, an action result in more good consequences then it is considered as moral action, and in case bad consequences are more than such action is immoral action (Panza & potthast, n.d.).

Ethical Egoism is considered as subdivision of Consequentialist theory, and as per this subdivision action is considered as morally right if more favorable than unfavorable only to the agent performing the action. Ethical egoism is considered as self-good approach under which individuals done good for themselves.

It can be said that action conducted by Occidental Engineering is good for them and fall under the Consequentialist theory. Action conducted by them can be considered as moral action because consequences of the action are more in comparison of bad consequences (PHIL, n.d.).

Potential consequences of accepting lower bid:

There are number of consequences of accepting the lower bid which might be faced by the potential client. Some of these issues are stated below:

  • Lower cost of the bid creates doubt in the quality of the work delivered by the Occidental Engineering. Amount bid by Occidental Engineering is that much low as it does not sufficient to cover the cost of the work conducted by Occidental Engineering. U.S. Federal Aviation Agency took risk on the quality of the work.
  • Another consequences faced by organization is the issue related to goodwill of the company. U.S. Federal Aviation Agency also took the risk related to the reputation of the company, because if Occidental Engineering provides low quality of the work then such work not only destroy their image but adversely affect the image of the U.S. Federal Aviation Agency.
  • S. Federal Aviation Agency also loose the loyalty of their customers and it ultimately result in financial loss to the company. Loyalty of the customer loses when organization fails in providing effective and accurate services to the customer.

This decision of U.S. Federal Aviation Agency is taken for the purpose of reducing the cost of the project and earns more profit from the work. For minimizing their cost, organization compromise from quality of the work which ultimately creates problems for agency.

Other persons who suffered:

Aggressive bid made by Occidental Engineering is not only affects the working and effectiveness of U.S. Federal Aviation Agency and Occidental Engineering but it also affects various other individuals and groups who are associated with these organizations. Both the organizations breach the principle of ACS code of Ethics that is The Enhancement of Quality of Life. This principle stated that development of IT culture strongly affects the society and way of life.  It must be noted that this impact is beneficial to a great extent, but it also has some negative effects like all other technologies and these negative effects are continuous in nature.

Ethical approach of any organization towards the work minimizes these adverse effects, and it also promotes the equal access to the benefits of ICT by all members of society. In accordance with these values it is necessary that organization must recognize their work and role of IT for the purpose of enhancing the quality of the life in the society and provide benefit to the person with disabilities and disadvantages. Organizations are also under responsibility to protect and promote the safety of those people who are affected by their work, and must understand and give due regards to those who are affected by their work. It is the obligation of the organization to increase the feelings of personal satisfaction, competence, and control of those who are affected by their work. Aggressive bid of the organization affects following persons and groups (ACS, 2014):

  • Workers of Occidental engineering because they face extreme pressure from this decision of the organization.
  • Customers of U.S. Federal Aviation Agency, because of the less quality products received by them.
  • Society who get affected from these actions of the organization.

Duties of project manager:

ACS imposes number of responsibilities on professional of IT and these responsibilities are also related to the code of ethics stated by ACS. Some of the duties of project manager are stated below:

Project manager is responsible to conduct their work with honesty, and duty includes that project manager does not breach the trust of their profession or the specific trust of their stakeholders. In other words, project manager must consider the honesty in their professional decisions and actions. Following are some of the project manager duties (Sciff, 2017):

  • Project manager must ensure that all the work related to the project must be completed on time and organization does not miss the deadline of the project.
  • Does not intentionally mislead a client or potential client related to the suitability of product or service.
  • Must provide real estimates of the project conducted by them.
  • Project manager must ensure that organization deliver quality product or service to their clients, and ensure that project work conducted by them must be conducted in best manner.
  • Project manager must inform their seniors about any defects or issues in the project and try to resolve such issues in best possible manner.
  • Project manager must consider the public interest and for this purpose it is necessary to put public interest over personal, private and sectional interests. In case of any conflict, decision must be taken for the benefit of public interest. Public interest includes the matters of environment, safety, and health of public.

This industry is new and changes occurred in this industry is very fast. However, this industry does not have its own legislation but some of the professional conducts are also set up by the ACS. For the purpose of maintaining the public confidence in the ICT industry, it is necessary that members of this society must maintain professional standards and follow these standards.

In the preset case, above stated duties must be conducted by Deborah Shepherd for ensuring the effective execution of the project (Mrsic, n.d.).

Duties of Test Engineer:

Test Engineer of the organization is also responsible to ensure the effective execution of the project in the organization, and before 3 days of the project deadline Test Engineer is responsible for following things:

  • Test Engineer is responsible to ensure that all the testing related to the project are done on time, and in case any issues are detect then must ensure that all the issues are resolved in best possible manner.
  • TestEngineer is also responsible to ensure that project manager must get all the necessary information related to the execution of the project on time (EMS, n.d.).


After considering the above facts, it can be said that professionals of IT are not only responsible towards their client but they also own ethical responsibility towards the society and towards those groups and individuals also who are associated with them and get affected by their actions. IT professionals must fulfill their professional and ethical responsibility while conducting their projects.


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