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HI6008 Business Research

Published : 18-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Describe the Business research methods in context elements of the research process.The messiness of business research.  The nature of the relationship between theory and research; Epistemological issues; How these issues relate to the widely used types of research strategy, quantitative and qualitative research; The ways in which values and practical issues are also central to business research. 
What is already known about the topic What concepts and theories have been applied to it What research methods have been applied in studying it What controversies exist about the topic and about how it is studied What clashes of evidence (if any) exist Who are the key contributors to research on the topic.


The lecture that had been provided to us in twelve weeks cover a wide number of topics which are extremely important for a person who aim to be a researcher in life. Conducting researches and searching for unfound information has been the most important step in developing policies, finding new medicines, drugs, discovering different new facts helpful to mankind. However, it has been seen that many individuals fail to follow a systematic procedure for conducting a research ultimately resulting in an unsynchronized way of proceeding. Moreover no correct techniques are followed which had resulted in the failure of researches. Hence the 12 week course had been of immense help. The various ways about how it has helped me, has been described in the following paragraphs.

The first week has helped us in gathering knowledge about the importance of business research with the proper projection of different roles that theories play in performing the research. It had mainly helped us to understand what significance does research holds in fields of business practice and how different types of researches can help in developing the business with their new found-out results. I have come to understand from this lecture that evidence based management in business yields more fruitful results and the reasoning method that I will chose. Here also in have found that while choosing my business research topic, learning’s from week 1 helped in developing ideas about how new evidences that I will find out while researching will help my topic to be more enlightened and increase clarity and significance of the topic.

The second week was mainly helpful in selecting the correct type of research that I need to perform which will help me to reach my goal and provide the correct ways of handling the topic that I have chosen. I had conducted a quantitative research as my week helped me to teach me that quantitative research will yield the correct information that is it will suggest how much relevant business outsourcing is with the present day and that with the future. Here quantitative analysis yielded a close result in order to develop the idea about relevance. A qualitative research was also conducted as qualitative data are descriptive and broad and helps to develop and overall idea about the topic that we are researching for and helps to proceed to our goal.

The third week gave us a detailed review of the important of literature review and its importance in conducting a literature review. Literature review basically helps us in developing the data that had already been established by other researchers and also helps us to understand the information that is already available for them .sometime literature review also helps us to get a detailed concept that prevails on a topic and marks the gaps that exist. In the assignments that I have done on the topic of business research outsourcing, literature review helped me understand the various present day scenarios that revolve around outsourcing of business and helped to identify the gaps in information. Besides, it also helped me to know which aspect of the topic had been already discussed and which part I should focus on while conducting my research.

The fourth week mainly helped in providing light on the ethical considerations that a researcher should focus on and the different types of difficulties that the researchers might face while ethical decision making. This step helped me to consider each aspect of ethics that remain associated with the topic that I have chosen. I had been very careful in making the correct ethical considerations and made sure that none of the participants suffered from unethical approach from us. Moreover, we tried to accumulate as much written consents from the participants so that legal obligations of unethical and immoral approaches later cannot be claimed by the participants later.

The fifth Week has mainly focused on the development of the knowledge about the various steps of conducting a qualitative research and the different attributes that make them different form the quantitative research. The sixth week has been extremely helpful in developing knowledge about the different types and modes of interview that I can undertake and how different appropriate questions need to be prepared along with detailed idea development about focus groups, participant selection and others. With the help of this information I was able to prepare the interview questions and selected the correct participant group that yielded the best results for my research. The seventh week was helpful in developing knowledge about the detailed process of data analysis which helped me in collecting correct data and analyzing them in order to get an overview of the fact that we were searching for through the research.

The Week 8 and 9 have mainly helped to gain insight about quantitative reach and how samples are selected, different types of sampling procedures and the correct situation about when they have to be chosen. While conducting the qualitative research, it helped me as a guide by making me understand which particular type of sampling I should uptake, proper methods of selecting the participants, how to check reliability and validity of the measurement process. it helped me to maintain the qualities of a probability sample, and helped me to conduct the SPSS that I performed to get the statistical data required to measure the relevance of business process outsourcing in present and in future. Week 10 had helped me in developing gaining ideas about structured interviews, problems with structured interviewing and also alternatives that are associated with structures interviewing.

The Week 11 had helped to develop ideas about how to conduct secondary analysis and gaining information about different official statistics and different methods that can be selected by me while analyzing the datasets. Developing ideas about univariate, bivariate and multivariate analysis not only helped me in this research but can be of immense help in my future researches as well. Week 12 had helped to develop ideas about how mixed methods of researches take place and how they contribute to gather knowledge about the given topic. this week was the most helpful one as it helped me to develop a procedural plan for my own research as I have applied this technique in my research as well.

The 12 week of lecture had been of immense help in developing a broad idea about different research techniques that researchers can use in order tp successfully establish a fact which is either of social, medical or other importance. Moreover, the lectures has been provided to us in such a way that it covered minute details which might sometimes create a barrier if not known properly. The topic that I had chosen was successfully handled by me when I conducted a business research on it because I followed all the guidelines effectively. Such a detailed explanation of procedures through the twelve weeks has acted as set of guidelines helping in each step that I had taken in the research.

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