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BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design and Development

Published : 14-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Identify organisational and legislative requirements for information entry, storage, output, and quality of document design and production Evaluate organisation's present and future information technology capability in terms of its impact on document design and production Identify types of documents used and required by organisation Establish documentation standards and design tasks for organisational documents in accordance with information, budget and technology requirements.
Ensure standard formats and templates suit the purpose, audience and information requirements of each document Ensure document templates enhance readability and appearance, and meet organisational requirements for style and layout Test templates, obtain organisational and user feedback, and make amendments as necessary to ensure maximum efficiency and quality of presentation.


MacVille human resource department is responsible for managing of personnel. the HR department is solely responsible for new staffs that are recruited in terms of their training along with maintaining communication with existing staffs. The department updates and communicates with each staffs in regards to their policies, procedures, expectations and other necessary communications as deemed to be important for the staffs of the Company. Due to the poor formatting of the policies and documents of the department, there is a large number of troubles that might arise. The department creates a small number of documents, but they are not named properly resulting in their non-retrieval in future. As the system along with the organisation grows in the future, there will be loads of documents that will grow along with it which will result in large number of challenges.

Further, a system is necessary to be implemented such that all processes are streamlined and implemented to manage such large number of documents. With new members coming into the department and additional roles as well as responsibilities being created, it is necessary that policy in compliance with replacement systems is made. Policy documents however, needs to be created and adhere to guidelines of the Company. Adherence to Company policies is necessary for developing any new guidelines for managing and handling tasks and integral documents. In order that suitable policies and procedures are created and existing systems are replaced, it is necessary to understand and analyse in details the roles that the department needs to undertake. Thus, complying with the latest roles given to the department, a set of policy guideline is generated that can responsibly replace existing systems.     

An affirmative action programme is developed in order to ensure that there is no discrimination against women or any other employee. It also ensures that equal opportunities are provided such that women and other backward employees can easily be promoted. However, the scope of this policy does not include any sort of reverse discrimination against men, and it will not include any sort of quotas for any posts whatsoever. In cases of promotion.  


The Company aims to comply with all procedure and guidelines as provided by Commonwealth Affirmative Action and other policies. Such procedure provides Equal Employment Opportunity for Women Act 1986. This legislation comprises of a number of Affirmative Action programme in accordance to which guidelines needs to be developed. In accordance to such objectives, monitoring, evaluation along with implementation of the programme is designed. Monitoring program will undertake achievement of those objectives, it will ensure compliance with appropriate legislations.   

Responsibility for the affirmative action program for women

Business manager along with all levels of supervisory staff holds responsibility, such that Affirmative Action Programme for Women is developed and implemented. Such responsibility ensures that a program is properly developed in line with appropriate legislations. Along with development, implementation is also critical, which is ensured by appropriate delegation of responsibility. Management of the organisation needs to ensure that regulations and policies of personnel’s operate with in organisational framework. Confirming to such procedures of the organisation will allow to the organisation to operate in a best possible manner possible. It will be easier to implement such policies as well for personnel. Reviewing such policies will allow identification of policies and practices which are discriminatory, such that necessary changes can be accommodated. Resolving such discriminatory practices will allow to overcome any hurdles and accommodate in any provision providing equal opportunities for women.  However, in view of such changes in policies and procedures it becomes integral to ensure staff participation. Involving large number of staffs will allow to undertake their point of view as well and create a policy that is acceptable universally.     

 Expenses Policy

It is the scope of this policy to provide for reimbursement and ensure pocket expenses. Reimbursement of pocket expenses that is related to direct expenses, regarding work-related activities needs to be included in such work related policies. Inclusion of such expenses will allow Macville to claim taxable expenses. Hence, appropriate reimbursement will ensure an effective Expenses Policy.

 Meals and entertainment

In order that businesses cover all relevant aspect and continue to grow and prosper, it is necessary that expenses towards means and entertainment is limited. Limitedness towards expenses in meals and entertainment, reducing their lavishness and avoiding their unreasonable cost will ensure adherence to proper means of conducting businesses.

 The business meal/drink

In case of every business there is requirement related to reimbursements associated with means and drinks that are tied to business goals. Hence, approval of such meals and drinks needs to be solely in discussion with and adhering to possible business goals. It is provided in the norms of the business that an employee shall not entertain another employee’s client except in exceptional cases. When an employee is away from home, discussion related to business needs to be conducted in business premises for business purpose and so on. In order that entertainment to qualify for the purpose of business there needs to be properly documented and expenses report with proper explanations. A documented business report will remain with the organisation and can be recalled anytime for business requirement and reimbursement. Such reports will be referred to not alone for general goodwill but also for future business purposes.      

 Reimbursement of small expenses/temporary cash advance

At various instances, it might be deemed necessary to use cash and claim towards reimbursements for expenses through cash or cheques. In such cases it becomes mandatory that a tax invoice is maintained for ease of reimbursements. Parking expenses will also be reimbursed by issuance of a ticket or receipt for the same. In cases of cash advances made which are unaccounted for then further cash advances will not be entailed. Reconciliation of all cash advances with attached appropriate receipts for expenses needs to be entailed prior hand basis. Expenses Reimbursement form along with receipt needs to be completed and submitted for claiming any sort of reimbursements. In such a form all necessary persecutes has to be filled in such as employee name, date of purchase, department, expenses type, description, client ID number and purchase amount. With all such details it is possible to maintain proper reimbursement accounts.            

 Occupational Health and Safety Policy

It is integral that each employer provides appropriate health and safety policy, such that no harm is impended upon employee. Macville ensures that safety of its employees from any possible injuries, such that there is no suffering of them as individuals as well as their families. There is safe and healthy work environment provided for employees, visitors as well as contractors in a committed manner. Macville employees need to carry on with their roles, responsibilities in order to ensure, that they will supervise and undertake work without any injuries inflicted on them. It is the first priority of Macville to ensure safety and health of its employees for their well-being. The company strictly believes in adhering to responsibilities and avoiding any sort of accidents as well as injuries inflicted upon them. In order that workplace hazards and accidents are prevented an appropriate health and safety norm has to be included that is well-detailed. The report needs to include date of incident, name of person submitting the report, time of hazards or of the incident, location of such hazards or incidents, detailed description of the same, number and names of person involved, witnesses, injuries sustained, description of injuries and action time required to reduce risk post incident.         

 Professional development policy

It is the policy of Macville to attain individual and organisational excellence by means of training, educational activities and development. Such activities are developed on individual strengths and having an attitude of forward looking. Responsibility towards performance as well as development is made jointly along with individual staff members. Individual staff members take adequate responsibility for their own career and also develop opportunities for development of the same. Whereas Macville is responsible for identifying human resource needs, discussing developmental needs associated with individual staff members. They are also responsible for training and development of academic, administrative effectiveness and technical effectiveness in the organisation. Such professional developmental policy is made to ensure professional developmental policy.      


The aim of this policy is to create professional development opportunities for staff along with faculty. Such allows individual’s workplace function to be made effective in nature such that proper developmental opportunities is created. 


Supervisors along with individuals need to identify appropriate developmental opportunities towards their professional life. A proper Professional Development Application to be completed and needs be submitted to the director of funding. The application form completed needs to include application date, department date, application name, professional development type, benefit for applicant of activity, description of professional developmental activity, benefit for organisation of activity, expected outcomes from activity, post-activity report from applicant, approval granted from individual engaging in programs and report drafted once program is completed and then submitted to the director.

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