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References help your professors to know if your paper is original and how much research you have done to complete the said assignment. Touted as one of the most complex parts of an assignment, references are surely not easy to do on your own. Enter’s very own referencing tool. Our online citation generator automatically references your paper in a jiffy!. Try us – we are a 100% accurate and a 100% free.

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An author-date referencing system, Harvard is used in a wide slew of disciplines. Though there isn’t a definitive guide for Harvard, the elements and their order follow specific standard rules. Here’s an online guide explaining the rules of in-text citations and reference lists, along with punctuation and formatting rules in Harvard style.

You may need to use Chicago referencing style in Social Sciences and Humanities. The online guide consists of the rules and examples related to recent updates in the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition.) Learn the rules of the Notes-Bibliography system and Author-Date system in Chicago style through the samples explained in the guide.

APA is the primary referencing style of the American Psychological Association. It is mainly used in Psychology and is an author-date referencing system. This guide covers the two editions of APA style- 6th and 7th edition along with examples of in-text citations & reference lists in APA style.

The MLA or Modern Languages Association of America style is used in humanities subjects. Follow this guide to learn the latest updates in the 8th edition of the MLA Style Manual. The in-text citations can appear after the information or in between the sentences. The reference list is present at the end of the academic paper or document. Read this guide for in-depth details.

Developed by the American Medical Association, AMA referencing is widely used in medical research papers. The references are listed in numerical order in the reference list as opposed to the alphabetical order followed by other referencing styles. From websites to journals, this guide covers all types of sources and also has sample citations and references in AMA style.

Specified by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE is mainly used in electronics and other relevant disciplines. The reference list consists of the full details of each source. The in-text citations consist of the number of references in square brackets after the summary, quote, or information. Read the guide for any preferred formats.

ACS is commonly used for research papers in the department of Chemistry. It was initially developed by the American Chemical Society. The in-text citation conveys small identifying information within the text. The reference list provides entire bibliographic information. Read this guide for additional explanations and examples.

Vancouver referencing is usually used in the Science and Medicine departments. It is an author-number referencing system and was developed by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors or ICMJE. This format uses numeric in-text citations and the sources are listed in the same order as they appear in the text in the reference lists.


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