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BSBFIM601 Manage Finances

Published : 06-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Examine the sales budget, profit budget, cash flow budget and debtor ageing summary to identify the following in a report: a Issues: i. Identify, describe and prioritise significant issues that are evidenced In the provided case study Information and describe reasons or causes of these Sues. Include In this issues of financial probity that You have identified or considered when monitoring these budgets.

Complete an actual-to-budget variance report, using the template provided in the case study. ii. Identify variances by comparing actual results with the established budget, and provide reasons why these variances may have occurred. 
Compare financial performance of the organisation (according to financial information provided) to Industry benchmarks for this organisation in line with the retail trade sector. a. Respond to the performance questions provided.

Outline your recommendations for ongoing financial viability for the organisation, based on your assessment of the issues, reasons for variances and organisational performance you have identified (Steps 1-3). h. Include in this section your plans for a revised budget, effectively managing contingencies and issues that have been identified In feedback and monitoring of the budgets. 


Particulars Budget Actual  $ Variance  % Variance Favourable / Unfavourable
Sales  $33,62,828.00   $33,71,200.00   $(8,372.00) -0.25 Favourable
Less: Cost of Goods sold  $18,30,379.00   $19,55,296.00   $(1,24,917.00) -6.82 Unfavourable
Gross profit  $15,32,449.00   $14,15,904.00   $1,16,545.00  7.61 Unfavourable
Interest expenses 21,127  $28,150.00   $(7,023.00) -33.24 Unfavourable
Bank charges 300  $380.00   $(80.00) -26.67 Unfavourable
Store supplies 750  $790.00   $(40.00) -5.33 Unfavourable
Advertising 2,00,000  $1,50,000.00   $50,000.00  25.00 Favourable
Cleaning  $3,256.00   $3,325.00   $(69.00) -2.12 Unfavourable
Repairs and maintenance  $16,068.00   $16,150.00   $(82.00) -0.51 Unfavourable
Telephone  $2,999.00   $3,100.00   $(101.00) -3.37 Unfavourable
Electricity expenses  $5,356.00   $5,245.00   $111.00  2.07 Favourable
Luxury car tax  $6,582.00   $12,000.00   $(5,418.00) -82.32 Unfavourable
Wages and salaries  $4,15,600.00   $4,10,500.00   $5,100.00  1.23 Favourable
Payroll tax  $18,702.00   $19,741.00   $(1,039.00) -5.56 Unfavourable
Total expenses  $14,51,931.00   $14,65,572.00   $(13,641.00) -0.94 Unfavourable
Net profit before tax  $80,518.00   $(49,668.00)  $1,30,186.00  161.69 Unfavourable
Income tax  $24,155.40   $(14,900.40)  $39,055.80  161.69 Unfavourable
Net profit   $56,362.60   $(34,767.60)  $91,130.20  161.69 Unfavourable
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