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MARK 220 Integrated Marketing Communications Project

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    MARK 220

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    Camosun College


Technological Trends/Issues

There is ample information available over the internet to give a rough idea to the students about abroad study options. The same goes for Camosun International’s outbound study abroad program. The information is available over the web on their official websites to inform students about their related queries to the program and its benefits. The rate of access to such information has increased due to the development of education digitalization (Karakozov & Ryzhova, 2019). The concept of education digitalization can be referred to as the use of computers, the internet, mobile applications, and devices to teach students at one-time and across different locations (Machekhina, 2017). In simpler words, it is the use of digital technology to teach students virtually of all ages. This has been coming into huge effect after the outbreak of covid-19 across the globe.

Educational establishments were forced to shut down due to countrywide restrictions for the prevention of the spread of the virus and have adopted the use of digital technology to keep students' education running. For almost 2 years, with the continual usage of virtual learning, students are now losing interest in coming back to campuses for their further onsite education. Since they tasted and gained the benefits of an online learning environment, now they are relying more on digital technology and many students are opting for virtual learning and choosing not to go abroad for further studies (Williamson, Eynon & Potter, 2020).  

Young adults or students are more inclined towards the usage of social media. They were the first social media adopters and continue to use popular social media sites at high levels, but older adults have also started using social media gradually. It has been analyzed that around 90% of social media users are younger adults who fall in the age group of 18 to 19 years old (Statista, 2022). Followed by 82% of middle-aged adults who come under the age group of 30 to 49 years old (Statista, 2022). Younger adults are likely the students in universities and colleges who use social media to stay connected with their friends and engage themselves through social media. It not only entertains them but also makes them feel more connected to know what is trending in their friend’s life. On the other hand, users' reviews on social media pages of education institutions also facilitate an insight into the activities and user experiences by adopting the courses they offer. Thus, any negative comment of any student on the course quality or program benefits may lead to a decline in sales growth and a positive outlook on the program value.

It will be beneficial for Camosun International to promote its social media platforms with attractive and student-friendly content. Besides, engaging students with informative content will also give them a complete outlook on the programme value, benefits, quality. In addition, using digital technology such as the internet, integrating social media, and gamified learning can create more awareness amongst students and young adults across the globe (Hallam, Thomas & Beach, 2018). This, in turn, will subsequently help fetch several students for enrolment in their study programs and achieve the goal of increasing student participation, especially the underrepresented ones.


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