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130 Interesting Social Studies Topics for Your Next Semester

130 Interesting Social Studies Topics

Social Studies is a broad study area that focuses on the study of human beings and how they relate to their surroundings. Many disciplines come under the umbrella of social science. Before you shortlist some exciting social studies topics, you should narrow down the search and choose a field that interests you the most.

Writing an essay can get daunting, especially when you lack the necessary skills. The stress levels hit another height when you have to come up with a list of useful social studies topics. Whether you are looking for a science and social studies topics or political social studies topics, conducting diligent research is mandatory to find the right issue.

How to Find Good Social Studies Topics?

Yes, selecting interesting social studies topics can be quite a challenge. If you are one of them, you could use the following tricks to ease up the search.

  • Know your preferences– the discipline you would like to explore and how it contributes to your academic curriculum. It will narrow down your search, and you can find something you want.

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  • Consult your professor– Even if you have an entire list of social studies topics, always talk to your teacher about your gathered resources.
  • Conduct diligent research– Your textbooks will include many references which you can use for further exploration.
  • Check online for comprehensive topic lists – You don't have to choose directly from an online list of social studies topics. However, referring to those lists will give you a fair idea of some useful social studies topics.

If you consider these tips while searching for social studies topics, the task will get less stressful.Nonetheless, below we have shared a list of social studies topics to help you get started.

List of 130 Best Social Studies Topics

Social Studies Education Topics

  1. Teaching and learning tools: The use of instructional materials
  2. The effects of the first language in the study of social studies in secondary schools
  3. Teachers role of teaching and learning of social studies in high schools
  4. Student’s attitude towards studying social studies in secondary schools
  5. With the implication for social studies, identify the attitudes of undergraduate youths toward democracy
  6. The role of social studies in training and teaching secondary school students
  7. The effects of social studies on the economic growth of a manufacturing company
  8. The impact of social studies in higher education
  9. The extent of social studies literacy among secondary school science teachers
  10. The effect of the teaching methods of social studies on academic achievement of higher secondary school students

Social Studies History Topics

  1. The changes in the lives of American citizens post-civil war
  2. The development of French fashion and the UK
  3. Women in the Elizabethan Age and social rules
  4. Servants in the British houses in the 19th century
  5. The connection between social change and the Australian schooling system
  6. Crime rates of African Americans: the historical study of social factors
  7. The role of working women post WWII.
  8. Vanity in the UK during the nineteenth century
  9. Inventions that brought a revolution in the academic sector
  10. The social significance of corsets in the 19th century

Social Studies Controversial Topics

  1. Why do high school students face difficulty trouble fitting in social groups?
  2. How young is too young for sex education in schools?
  3. Does homeschooling affect a young adult’s interpersonal skills?
  4. Are parents who homeschool their children entitled to more incentives?
  5. Should US voters be allowed to impeach or call for the resignation of official cabinet members appointed by the President?
  6. Do young women fit certain stereotypes on television comedies, or are they viewed as progressive?
  7. What prevents freedom of expression?
  8. Is it progressive to hire a transgender actor/actress to play transgender roles?
  9. What is society’s perception of race in acting?
  10. Should there be federal regulations demanding corporations promote diversity?

Social Studies Topics to Research

  1. Do reality shows portraying young adults as privileged individuals distort the minds of young people?
  2. Is it a breach of contract if professional sports athletes’ holdout from playing season games?
  3. Which of the four central sports team in the US has the best collective bargaining agreement between the player and the team owner?
  4. What are the issues most people in Australia refrain from discussing in a public gathering?
  5. Is it acceptable for a man to hit a woman in this 21st century?
  6. To what extent would you defend an individual with who is morally or ethically in disagreement with your own beliefs.
  7. What are the common misconceptions about advertisements featuring young adults?
  8. Can a person of wealth and power reduce the economic and social gap?
  9. Democratic countries around the world have seen a decline in power due to the feminist movement. Do you agree or disagree?
  10. Should poor people be blamed for their miseries? Or is the society responsible for not providing sufficient aid?

Social Studies Journal Topics

  1. In the history of the world, what was the best time and place to live? Why?
  2. If people had Instagram in 1900, what do you think they’d post pictures of?
  3. What if the Roman Empire was still in power? What difference would it make in world history?
  4. What if the atomic bomb was invented somewhere else?
  5. Water is an essential resource for all living creatures for driving the progress of life. Tell the history of the civilisation in the first person from the perspective of the water.
  6. If you lived 1000 years ago, which animal would you own – chickens, horse, or a cow? Why?
  7. Would one US Marine Battalion be sufficient to destroy the entire Roman Empire?
  8. Would prefer to live in the Victorian era and be an aristocrat with a vast estate, gigantic mansions, and a loyal staff, or would you like to live your life as you do now? Explain your choice.
  9. How much does your culture determine you as a person?
  10. Which is more important in your town – a hospital or cell phone service? Choose one and justify the reason behind the pick.

Social Studies Exhibition Topics for high school

  1. Making a treasure map of 16 oldest known cultures from around the world
  2. Models of different landforms formed by fluvial deposition along with their features
  3. Ocean currents and significance of the salinity of the ocean
  4. Models of various landforms present in the ocean floor seamounts, oceanic trench, seabed volcanoes and volcanic island arcs, rift formation
  5. Working models of volcanoes, magma chambers, geysers, plate tectonics or continental drift
  6. Models showing the cause and effect of earthquakes
  7. Atmospheric composition of different atmospheric gases and their significance in the ecosystem
  8. Model of the earth's interior structure with particular emphasis on various layer
  9.  Causes, effects, and remedies of atmospheric pollution
  10. The marine life: Types of flora and fauna found at different depths of the ocean

Social Studies Economics Topics

  1. A case study on the issues in the economic democracy system
  2. Evolution of tourism and low-cost airlines in the 21st century
  3. What is the correct approach to the Multinational corporation taxation system?
  4. The problem of the national debt in developing countries worldwide.
  5. Analyse the features of global capitalism to determine its social acceptance
  6. Wall Street: The 2008 crash – what the Americans must do to stop history from repeating itself.
  7. How fair is the fair trade market about the coffee beans business?
  8. How adequate is currency substitution for solving the economic crisis?
  9. How to study the sources of changes in the exchange rate behaviour?
  10. A case study on the bankruptcy among the middle-class families in the States

Social Studies Topics for Culture

  1. What are the principles of the multicultural policy of Australia?
  2. Cultural assimilation in the US – modern patterns and causes
  3. The domestic etiquette of modern Africans
  4. Women and gender issues in the Medieval era
  5. Gender differentiation in the upbringing of American children
  6. Taboos and emotions in the twenty-first-century society
  7. Are young adults of today socially responsible?
  8. State the cultural and historical value of the known extinguishing languages.
  9. What are the crucial steps to curtail culture shock?
  10. Cultural diversity loss is the outcome of abandoning traditions and urbanisation. Agree or disagree?

Political Social Studies Topics

  1. Is the media biased to the political parties?
  2. How do polls work?
  3. Racism in Politics of developed nations
  4. A study of the Black Power movement and students activism
  5. What are the legal penalties for election fraud?
  6. The domination of Congress in presidential elections
  7.  Discuss the political culture in the UK
  8. A comparative study of the models of democracy
  9. Is the Sinhalese-Tamil conflict the primary cause of civil war in Sri Lanka?
  10. Compare and contrast anti-Americanism to anti-Semitism

Social Studies Topics For Religion

  1. To what extent has religion affected everyday family ethics and values?
  2. The influence of Egyptian religions on the religions founded later.
  3. Compare and contrast Buddhism’s take on a society’s values and daily life to that of Christianity’s.
  4. Which religious philosophy is mostly associated with self-sufficiency?
  5. Buddhism and its role in a society's economic life
  6. The diminishing role of religions in modern societies
  7. How is jihad misinterpreted in Islamic teaching?
  8. The relationship between religiosity and conservatism across cultures
  9. What strategies facilitate religious dialogue?
  10. Correlation of a society’s religiosity and economic development

Social Studies Topics for Law

  1. Criminal responsibility age in European countries.
  2. Is legal justice a myth or reality?
  3. Is capital punishment justified?
  4. Has the time come to design laws for self-driving cars?
  5. Business Law in the Islamic nations and how it differs from other countries
  6. Why is absolute justice impossible?
  7. Can drones cause of privacy infringement? What are the Laws regulating the bridge of privacy?
  8. What’s your idea of law and order? State its role to protect social safety?
  9. What legal steps must be implemented to fight environmental pollution of all kind
  10. Should guns be outlawed for ordinary citizens?

Social Studies Topics for Sociology

  1. The role of the extended family on a person’s upbringing in society
  2. How has consumerism affected the way people shop these days?
  3. How much has social hierarchy changed in the last 25 years?
  4. How much does an urban landscape determine the future of a sports team?
  5. Why do local governments allow specific types of businesses in their commercial zones?
  6. The effect of gun stores and liquor stores on a non-locals perception about a community
  7. Why are men more inclined to watch male professional sports?
  8. To what extent does physical attractiveness affect the ways people develop trust in others?
  9. Have social movements changed how people vote on Election Day?
  10. Is interracial marriage a challenge to societal norms, or is it widely accepted throughout the States?

Social Science Topics for College Students

  1. Why has political correctness become important for the current generation?
  2. Is the “Emo” culture destroying today’s teenagers?
  3. Do Social media increase narcissism in society?
  4. How adolescents affected by social media exposure?
  5. What does it mean to attain social status in today’s world?
  6. Should the rich pay more tax to offset the costs of expensive social programs?
  7. Use of childbirth rates in different ethnic populations to determine public policy
  8. A case study on the migration of African Americans
  9. How have technological advancements changed the way Australian eat?
  10. Is the caste system still functioning in Asian countries?

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