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Mastering the Art of Delivering Impromptu Speech Topics -

100+ Impromptu Speech Topics

Students in Australia mostly find themselves uncomfortable when they have to speak on a topic with less familiarity. Public speaking is itself scary. And on top of that, if students are asked to create speeches on that instance, it can be very challenging.

Through this blog, experts from are going to share a few tips and a wide range of impromptu speech ideas with you. Practicing on a few common impromptu speech topics will boost your confidence and we can guarantee that you will never have to face any awkward situations like mind getting totally blank or fumbling sentences. If you ever feel the need to see a few examples of impromptu speech templates, you can always go through our samples. They might inspire you.

Understanding What is Impromptu speech in a Broad Scale

By definition, an impromptu speech is when a speaker is asked to deliver a speech on the spot without any prior preparation. If you want to know more details about “What is impromptu speech?”, you can always consult our professionals.

There are many instances when you are asked to give an impromptu speech like in a party, cheering a team, in a group discussion, or replacing a speaker who is running late or has not prepared well.

When it comes to delivering an impromptu speech, you need to keep on taking mental notes. Your priority should be to keep your audience hooked. And even if you are speaking on a sensitive or controversial issue, you need to be respectful and that can be done by using strong metaphors and comparisons that people can relate to.

Revealing a Few Secret Tips for Preparing an Impromptu Speech

Unlike other speeches where you have weeks to prepare, impromptu speeches will happen with no time to organise your thoughts. However, there are a few cool tips that can help you with delivering the finest impromptu speech.

1. Rundown some thoughts on paper

If you have a few moments before delivering your speech, you write down a few ideas related to the topic on a piece of paper or a napkin.

2. Memorise the key points

It will be helpful for you if you create the impromptu speech outline of the major points. Most students use the FAT (Feeling anecdote tie back) impromptu speech structure. You first express your feeling towards the subject/issue, use an anecdote and then tie back the story to the subject.

3. Practice a lot

The only way you can get rid of the fear or nervousness is by practicing with a lot of speech topics. It can start with practicing in front of a mirror and later, when you gain confidence, practice in front of your family or friends.

4. Remind yourself that you are in charge

This is your speech, so you can make it in any way you want. Your goal should be to give a one-sided conversation, and that can be funny or whatever you are comfortable with.

5. Concentrate on opening and ending line

The mark of a successful impromptu speech is when you start with a good line and end it with a great punch. Your ending line especially should be the best. Hence, keep the best for the last. This is actually a part of the impromptu speech guideline.

6. Adjust the topic

If you are delivering a speech on a less familiar topic, change the focus by talking from a perspective, you feel more confident.

7. Let the reader’s know it’s an impromptu speech

You can just acknowledge the fact that you are doing an impromptu speech with an excuse. But do it professionally and avoid futile apologies. It should not seem like you are looking for any pity. But this way, they will be aware of the situation.

If you are still not sure about how to write an impromptu speech topic, consult our professional experts. Understanding your specific problem areas, they can help in personalising some tips for your impromptu speech. You can also check out some samples of impromptu speech ideas.

List of Some Good Impromptu Speech Topics

The wait is finally over. We will share a list of interesting impromptu speech topics by dividing them into separate categories like:

  • Fun
  • Persuasive
  • Students
  • Humorous
  • Current events
  • Education
  • Social issues
  • Love
  • Life
  • Technology

This way, no matter what event you are attending or in what subject you need to give a speech, students will have lots of topics to practice. Let's dive in deep.

Fun impromptu speech topics

  1. Growing up is a trap- never fall for it
  2. Art of getting attention- it takes a real talent
  3. How to get rich quick?
  4. Best excuses for not doing homework
  5. How autocorrect ruined my life?

Persuasive impromptu speech topics

  1. Cats think we are their slaves
  2. Today everyone acts like a photographer
  3. We should keep our parents off from Facebook
  4. Time travel is possible
  5. Nobody is normal, we are all weird

Impromptu speech topics for students

  1. A trip that I will remember
  2. The best surprise I got
  3. How older brothers are always annoying
  4. 10 things to remember before going for camping
  5. How to spend your days effectively during the lockdown?

Impromptu speech on a humorous topic

  1. How can you blame your dogs for everything you do wrong in the house?
  2. The phrase “We will see” means it will probably never happen
  3. Behind every great man, there is a woman rolling her eyes
  4. How I ran away from home
  5. The party where everything went wrong

Impromptu speech topics current events

  1. Impact of COVID 10 on the global economy
  2. Is Trump creating World Trade War?
  3. Shouldn’t gay families have the same right as traditional families in the UK?
  4. Do you think all developing nations are responsible for protecting animal species that are under threat?
  5. How did China create a ‘Covid-proof’ city?

Impromptu speech topics education

  1. A psychology screening is necessary before getting admitted to college
  2. Shouldn’t state colleges be free?
  3. Selling soft drinks and candies to school students should be banned
  4. Should there boys and girls share a separate classroom?
  5. Do you think teachers earn too little?

Impromptu speech topics on social issues

  1. How can bullying end up in suicide cases?
  2. Societal beauty demands are hampering the young minds
  3. Women’s pay rates in every sector should be equal to men’s.
  4. How media violence is damaging children?
  5. Racial profiling must be banned.

Impromptu speech topics on love

  1. Society should accept gay couples
  2. All is fair in love and war
  3. Things that men find attractive in a women
  4. Is love at first sight real?
  5. True love is never about being materialistic

Impromptu speech topics about life

  1. Poverty is a state of mind.
  2. It is better to be influential than rich
  3. Money can never buy happiness
  4. Colour affects the way people feel
  5. In what situations do you feel lying is good.

Impromptu speech topics about technology

  1. Is technology making us feel more isolated?
  2. The ups and downs of social media
  3. At what age should children be allowed to get phones?
  4. Video games are stopping children from playing outside with friends
  5. Long-term effects of living in a technological world

We hope the above list of impromptu speech topic helps in mastering your public speaking skill. If you need more good impromptu speech topics ideas, you can always consult our experts.

How Expert can Help with Your Impromptu Speech Topics?

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