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Commemorative Speech Topics & Ideas that Promise Good Grades -

Commemorative Speech Topics & Ideas

Let’s say you have been promoted to the position of ‘prefect’ in your school. And your professors have asked you to prepare a speech to celebrate this occasion. This speech is known as commemorative speech and it is one of the most important academic tasks in the Australian curriculum. It is a form of public speaking that celebrates a special occasion or an event. There is a gamut of commemorative speech topics and ideas that can help you write a perfect speech.

However, before going through the popular topics, it is imperative that you learn the purpose of this speech first. So, let’s begin.

What is the Purpose of a Commemorative Speech?

Commemorative speeches are all about praises, tributes and celebration. These are usually given with passion and sincerity. Your professors expect you to be familiar with the commemorative speech definition, purpose and format when they instruct you to write one during the semester. Now that you know what a commemorative speech is, let’s check out its purpose.

  • Pays tribute- This speech lets you pay tribute to a person, an institution, an event or a group. Fourth of July speeches, dedications and testimonial addresses are some of the most popular types of commemorative speech.
  • Inspires the audience- An excellent commemorative speech always heightens your admiration for the person or group being praised in the speech. It encourages the audience to feel the same way about the person, event or group as the one addressing the speech.
  • Expresses feelings- The main aim of a commemorative speech is to express feelings and arouse sentiments in the minds of the audiences.

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A commemorative speech is way more than just listing down a person’s achievements and accomplishments. It boosts the listener's emotions and feelings and provides them with hope for the future. You should learn how to start a commemorative speech first so that your audiences get hooked to your speech right from the beginning.

How to Choose a Commemorative Speech Topic?

The quality of your speech depends mostly on the topic you have chosen. Remember these tips while determining a topic for your commemorative speech.

  • Conduct thorough research online- Read as many blogs and articles as you can to understand what’s trending these days. You can also watch a video of famous commemorative speeches to get inspiration.
  • Brainstorm ideas- Think of some unforgettable memories that you would like to share with your audiences. Make sure there is something for your audience to learn from your speech.
  • Understand your audience- It is your audience who decides whether or not your speech is worth their time. So, you must be aware of the people who will be reading your speech.
  • Share a respectful and meaningful message- A commemorative speech is somewhat like an informative speech. It informs your audience about a particular subject and also boosts their emotions regarding that.

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Follow these tips to pick the right topic for your commemorative speech. It may take time. So don’t worry if you can’t think of anything initially. You can even talk to your professors or friends to see what they think about your topic. You can proceed once they give you a thumbs-up.

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How to Write a Commemorative Speech?

It is always better to understand how to write a commemorative speech outline first. You can then just follow the outline while writing the speech. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you write an impressive commemorative speech easily.

  • Be personal
  • Make it clear and concise
  • Bring something new to the table
  • Consider the sentiments of your audience

Clarify what your speech is all about right in the commemorative speech introduction. Get rid of jargon and adapt your speech to the person, occasion or event that you are celebrating.

Most Trending Commemorative Speech Topics List

It’s okay if you aren’t able to find a topic suitable for your commemorative speech. Here are the most trending commemorative speech topics and ideas for-

  1. Students
  2. Funny
  3. Love and Family
  4. Dedication
  5. Human Rights
  6. Leadership
  7. Loyalty
  8. Creativity
  9. Bravery
  10. Innovation

Give it a read and see if you can get inspiration from any of these.

Commemorative speech topics for students

  • Tribute to a sibling, a friend or a retired professor
  • Tribute to a string personality (possibly popular among students)
  • Successful collaboration in dealing with the ozone layer depletion problem
  • The academic success achieved by you or your team for any project in class
  • A eulogy for a professor who was a major part of your university
  • Tribute to a friend who achieved a respectable position in a major sports event

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Funny commemorative speech topics

  • Procrastination is even when you read articles about procrastination.
  • Complete honesty is a straight road to hell.
  • Where are all the people united? In the land of procrastination without borders.
  • Sunscreen is the only tip I have for my juniors asking me what they would do in the future.
  • May our lives be the same as we show it on Facebook and Instagram.
  • It’s funny to realize how we weird we are and we still have friends who love to hang out with us.

Commemorative speech topics for love and family

  • Acts of compromise by a friend or family member that led to a major personal evolution in your life
  • A tribute to the strength of a character in your family
  • Selfless dedication in a parent
  • Kindness experienced as the new kid in school
  • A tribute to a single parent
  • Emotional support received by a friend in times of need

Commemorative speech topics for the dedication

  • Self-sacrificing of a teacher or a parent
  • Tribute to a veteran or a policeman
  • Celebration of some religious values
  • Tribute to a friend who scored above 90% despite several challenges
  • Achieving #1 position in a major sports event
  • A successful recovery from obesity

Commemorative speech topics devoted to human rights

  • Courageous actions in terrorist attacks
  • Tribute to the LGBT rights movement
  • The success of the LGBT rights movement despite the challenges
  • Strength of someone who has fought for human rights
  • Tribute to women’s rights movement
  • Strength of a woman fighting against patriarchy

Commemorative speech topics on leadership

  • Tribute to a nurturing mentor
  • Commemorate someone you admire as a leader
  • Athletic success due to the efforts and contribution of your team leader
  • Leadership characteristics in your friend
  • Leadership skills in a strange scenario
  • Academic achievements due to a straightforward leader

Commemorative speech topics on loyalty

  • How your friendship with a classmate transcended the classroom?
  • Tribute to a pet that has shown you the true meaning of loyalty
  • Commemorate a family member who has been loyal even when you haven’t expected it
  • The loyalty of war veterans and policemen towards the country
  • Contributions of loyalty to your life

Commemorative speech topics on creativity

  • The advent of social media connected people from across the world
  • Tribute to WW2 events such as Pearl Harbor
  • Examples of originality like Pollock, Van Gogh’s art, etc.
  • The artistic genius of Mozart or scientific genius of Newton
  • Examples of independent-thinking personalities like Charles Bukowski
  • Intellectual milestones in solving mathematical problems

Commemorative speech topics on bravery

  • Freedom in a modern world
  • The Vietnam War and the veterans that stood with the country
  • Events of bravery that emerged during the civil war
  • How you fought for justice even when everyone wronged you?
  • Strength of a character that unexpectedly showed bravery
  • The courage that it takes for being yourself

Commemorative speech topics on innovation

  • Milestones in space exploration
  • Monumental discoveries such as the DNA structure
  • Global human milestones while fighting illiteracy
  • Examples of eradication of diseases such as smallpox, poliomyelitis, etc.
  • Healthcare milestones amid the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The success of Nikola Tesla's dreams

Don’t worry if you still can’t decide which topic to choose for your commemorative speech. Look at several commemorative speech examples for more ideas. Stick to your university guidelines while writing the speech. Do not hesitate to consult with your professors in case of any queries.

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20+ Commemorative Speech Topics For College

Commemorative speeches are known as ceremonial speeches, which are done in honour of an event or situation. Finding good commemorative speech topics for college students is exceptionally challenging. So, today we are going to list 20+ good commemorative speech topics for you.

  • Impact of invention
  • Story of the moon landing
  • Tribute it to women’s right
  • Humanity as opposed to selfish people
  • Impact of positive visionaries
  • History and evolvement of social media
  • Stories on people who achieve success through hard work
  • Events on Vietnam war
  • Changes in spirituality, intellectuality, and morality after college
  • Explain why honesty is the best policy
  • Quality of education and opportunities related to it
  • History of travellers like Magellan and Columbus
  • How overcoming small milestones each day helps in achieving goals
  • Thinking of the bigger picture is critical to stay motivated
  • Humanity is the only way to reach peace
  • Selfless dedication towards parents and teachers
  • Self-love is essential than ideal body image
  • Tribute to parents, siblings, or teachers for success
  • Having faith is the first step
  • Inspiring events and stories on loyalty
  • Changes in human adaptability over the years
  • Queen Elizabeth is an ideal role model

These are some of the common commemorative speech examples so that you do not run out of ideas.

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