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What is a Synthesis Essay

What Is A Synthesis Essay? Definition, Structure & Tips

UserRobert Davisau timeJune 14, 2021
A synthesis essay is basically a written work that talks about unique viewpoints related to the central theme of the idea of the essay topic. In addition, the essay aims to back up each supportive idea, claim, and notion with relevant references fr...
Discursive Writing

ABCs Of Discursive Essay Writing

UserRobert Davisau timeMay 29, 2021
Discursive writing might be new for someone. However, it’s not rocket science. All you have to do is discuss a particular topic. The discussion of an idea(s) or opinion(s) without the explicit goal of influencing the reader to adopt a pa...
500 word essay

500 Word Essay Made Easy With A Simple Guide

UserRobert Davisau timeMay 13, 2021
Just as the name suggests, a 500 words essay is a short academic essay of just 500 words that primarily high school students have to write. This kind of essay provides an excellent opportunity for you to show your unique perspective on a ...
Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics

UserRobert Davisau timeMay 01, 2021
Persuasive communication is all about influencing & steering the minds of the audience. Persuasive essays on any topic have writers taking a stance, either FOR or AGAINST, and then using rhetoric, discourse, dialectics, and pieces of evidence t...
Descriptive Essay

Steps You Should Follow While Writing A Descriptive Essay

UserJacob Ryan timeApril 16, 2021
Now that you have landed from a school into a college, the time has come to refine your writing skills to the extreme. Even if you don’t pursue honors in English or any other literature subject, you need to understand the descriptive ess...
Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

UserJacob Ryan timeApril 06, 2021
A compare and contrast essay evaluates two subject matters by either comparing them, contrasting them or both. The end goal of composing a compare and contrast essay is to come up with lesser-known perspectives, highlight unique dimensions and draw...